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Catching Snowflakes on Your Tongue


Featuring Jeanie Tomasko, Steve Tomasko, Ralph Murre & Sharon Auberle (Poet Laureate of Door County)

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Sharon Auberle

Sharon Auberle is the author of seven books, four of which are collaboratipns with other poets.  Most recent is Dovetail, art and ekphrastic poetry with Jeanie Tomasko.  A Pushcart Prize Nominee, Auberle is currently honored to be serving as Door County's Poet Laureate.

Ralph Murre

Ralph Murre thought that fixtures were just for plumbing, but finds that he has become a fixture of the Door County poetry scene.  He has published several thin collections of his work.

Jeanie Tomasko

jeanie tomasko n. [g-knee tuh-mah-sco, origin: midwest]  : as in person, place or thing born and residing in Wisconsin a:  lover of autumn, dictionaries, lowercases, suitcases and horsing around b:  prone to brake for herons, coffee, novelty machines filled with shiny (M)adonnas, long periods of silence c:  makes a mean guacamole and occasionally enjoys dusting d:  married to steve tomasko who is responsible for all of the info at jeanietomasko.com

Steve Tomasko

Steve Tomasko doesn’t fish as much, walk in the woods enough, or write as often as he should. At some point, Steve’s background in biology collided (hybridized?) with his long-time love of words, which is why nature and science often inhabit his poems. His first chapbook, “and no spiders were harmed” was published by Red Bird Chapbooks in 2015 and won first place in the WFOP Chapbook Contest in 2016. Find out more about Steve’s poetry (along with his wife, Jeanie’s poetry) at jeanietomasko.com. While there, you can also check out Bent Paddle Publishing and Design.


Sharon Auberle and Jeanie Tomasko collaborated on a poetry collection DOVETAIL. Read excerpts here: www.wfop.org/bramble-winter-2018

A poem by Steve Tomasko was also featured in Bramble Winter 2018. Link here: www.wfop.org/abstract-dung-beetles-use-the-milky-way-for-orientation

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