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Poetry Reading

Featuring Dustin Luke Nelson & Ashleigh Lambert

Dustin Luke Nelseon

Dustin Luke Nelseon

Dustin Luke Nelson is the author of the poetry collection "in the office hours of the polar vortex" (Robocup) and the chapbook “Abraham Lincoln” (Mondo Bummer). His poems have appeared in the Best American Experimental Writing, Fence Magazine, Paper Darts, the Nervous Breakdown, and elsewhere. His performance and video work includes STRIKE TWO (Gauss PDF, Washington Project for the Arts), APPLAUSE (Walker Art Center’s Open Field), and BATTLESHIP POTEMKIN (Flux Factory). His videopoems and short films have appeared at the Filmpoem Festival, Short Film Biennial Ljubljana, Crane Arts (Philadelphia, PA), Altered Esthetics (Minneapolis, MN), the Washington Project for the Arts (Washington DC), O Miami Poetry Festival and elsewhere. Other writing has appeared in Sports Illustrated, Rolling Stone, Thrillist, Electric Literature, and the Rumpus, among other publications.

Ashleigh Lambert

Ashleigh Lambert

Ashleigh Lambert is the author of the chapbooks Ambivalent Amphibians (Dancing Girl Press) and The Debt or the Crisis (Doublecross Press). You can find her poems and reviews in Rain Taxi; Bone Bouquet; Forklift, Ohio; Diagram; and other places. She lives in Minneapolis.

Sample Poems


Until you slump and curl

your bones around the meat of home,

it is never clear what

pattern the shadow


of the past has made

on now.


In the neighborhood you still won’t claim,

a magic lantern


 projects an image of you turning on a spit.

The oxygen you thought was yours is reassigned


to the body of the flame.

You are as dark, as tender


as you’re going to get.

Here in the schoolroom, the abattoir, the pit.

-- Ashleigh Lambert

Over the River Not Out of the Woods

I’m taking medical leave

                        from this clumsy struggle.


Sign me up for the slow drip

                        that ferries the weary away


From the hopeless, the extravagant waterfalling

                        hiding under the guise of Day.


I demand the pills that render

                        the river docile


Or else

                        I must be put in traction


At the crux of the water’s decision.

                        Oarless, aerobic,


Wobbly as an egg in a storm,

                        there is only one thing worth asking


And can you see I’m asking for it

                        now, and now.

-- Ashleigh Lambert

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Poetry Reading
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Poetry Reading