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Poetry Reading


Featuring Destinny Fletcher (“Deolinda Abstrac”) & Sue Blaustein

Destinny Fletcher

Destinny Fletcher

Destinny Fletcher, also known as “Deolinda Abstrac”: A woman with the power to create peace within her community and culture through the phenomenon in her voice. With Milwaukee, WI as her hometown, art becomes her sound and her greatest enigma. Working with the youth and young adults, Destinny experiences cultural differences, graphic stories, and revealing deliverance that she relates to heavily while writing stories inspired by her work and her life. She has worked as a High School Slam League Coach for Still Waters Collective and Mentor with Dasha Kelly from 2012 to 2016, became a 2012 State Poetry Slam Finalist as well as competed in 2013 LTAB (Louder Than a Bomb) College Team Slam. She self-published her first chapbook:

"Fireflies & Peroxide" in March of 2014 as a discovery of one’s own being in a world full of darkness and released her recent poetry collection, "Black Girl Be Storm" in May of 2016. She has also been an actress in Yetta Young's "Butterfly Confessions” stage play in Milwaukee in

November of 2015 & June of 2017 and “UNTAMED” in July & October of 2016 with Milwaukee's own community theater group, "MPower Theater". She has been an actress and collaborator in "UW-Milwaukee Women's Resource Center Presents: The Vagina Monologues" in February 2016 & 2017. She creates confidence and deliverance as a storytelling coach for Milwaukee's "ExFabula" and continues to rock stages among many cities she touches. From Turner Hall Ballroom to the Mod Club Theatre in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, she has been performing her art all over the continent and soon... the world!

Sample Poem

The Stories She Tell

If my hair could tell stories
She would speak Volumes
Tidal waves through bridges that runeth over Curse the avalanche in her tongue
She will speak only in tongues
She will speak in the language she's from Disobey the melanin they claim her to be Spite the order they believe she can see If my hair could tell stories
She would spit fire at your feet
Ground your presence every time she speaks She speaks to me
Evolution Power Revolution Devour
My hair is a protest
A march between my curls A nation within my scalp
A flag launched within my naps If my hair could tell stories
She would show you the battle damage
Clip her striped ends and twist out her shouts She has never been straightened out
Been pulled and yanked but curly nonetheless Yes
She is beautiful Yes
She is Strong Yes
She is Woman
Foretell the secrets to her black
Prophesy her fortune between her parted seas The God she speaks
Greased and rough around her edges If my hair could tell stories
She would cry
Laugh until her follicles swayed together Frown with persistence in her tone
Smile while she grows Watch her grow Watch her glow Shimmer
Rewind the details and repeat her song My hair tells me stories
I will never stop listening

Published in “Black Girl Be Storm” 2016. Pg. 4. and Short Film selections.

Destinny Film Awards.PNG
Sue Blaustein.jpg

Sue Blaustein lives and writes in Milwaukee. In 2016, she retired from the Milwaukee Health Department, where she was a food safety inspector. Once retired, she completed the manuscript she’d worked on for some 18 years and published her book In the Field, Autobiography of an inspector. Poems in the book previously appeared in Wisconsin People and Ideas, Isotope, Verse Wisconsin, Mud Season Review, Blue Fifth Review, Kudzu Review and other publications. Sue is also a storyteller and active volunteer with Ex Fabula, the Milwaukee Urban Ecology Center and the Zablocki VA Medical Center. More information can be found at

Sample Poem

It pleases my hands
to compare the weights
of bell-shaped sinkers, to
pass cast-metal blobs
          from right hand
to left. It soothes me
to squeeze the jaws
of split-shots and guide
transparent line
through golden swivels.
          You weaned me
from kiddie spinning rods
on the banks of the Rock River.
You showed me how to cast
with an open-face reel.
Drowsy from Hennessey
& Cherry Coke, I’d wind
back to childhood – 
to the front window of
Gray’s Hardware in Sussex, New Jersey. 
An amber sunshade colored
the fishing gear orange.
I got minnow nets
and clownish bobbers
for my little box. In the first
years, love stays liquid – warm
and close – like pond water
in July. Tackle boxes
are my museums
of contentment.  

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