1.) reworked the Wedding poem and 2.) wrote a Cento for Anna

I love the title you suggested for Drew and Karen's wedding poem!  I played with it for hours today, reduced it to the vital few words--and pretty much reworked more than half of it:

Mighty Oak Love

You have arrived
under sacred oak,
rooted in common ground.
Embrace the alchemy of days
that brought you together.
Care for each other
like earth who nurtures oak.
Live in mutual respect,
one in your love, yet
each free to reach out to the wind,
don’t hover over the other’s shadow.
Lean into one another,
remain steadfast,
rich with whatever happens.
Make sweet music of your life,
sing, dance, with oak
who strums songs on branch-strings.
Delight in each turning season,
growing again and again.

And then I gathered up lines from other poems, changed a few words here and there and came up with this Cento--I've never done a Cento before--it's pretty darn fun!

Cento for my Daughter

I’m beginning to understand
how your body grew new from years of yearning
your awakening was like movement itself
beyond the ordinary breath of time,
or the steady slap of sand and weed
you listened inside until only one heart beat.
It's less lonely than it used to be,
you rose up to meet it, as if you were a pearl
in the rhythm of my own arms