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 Dispersing More Poetry in the World

The mission of POETRY AT LARGE is to disperse more poetry in the world. Poetry in our every day. Poetry in unexpected ways and formats.


  • Poetry teaches us empathy.

  • Poetry encourages us to pay attention to our environments.

  • Poetry is play.

  • Poetry helps us tap into our feelings.

Poetry AT LARGE is a regional resource for the Wisconsin Fellowship of Poets — Northeast.


Tori Grant Welhouse is the regional VP for the Wisconsin Fellowship of Poets. If you are interested in reading at the series or have an idea for a poetry event or contest, please contact at torigw@twc.com.


Wisconsin Fellowship of Poets (WFOP) is an organization for the creation, promotion and enjoyment of poetry throughout the state of Wisconsin. WFOP is a non-profit organization run wholly by volunteers. www.wfop.org


Poetry events take place at the new Lion’s Mouth Bookstore, downtown Green Bay.

As a share of the total U.S. adult population, this poetry readership is the highest on record over a 15-year period.
— National Endowment for the Arts


There is poetry momentum taking place in our communities with poetry readership nearly doubling over the past half a decade, based on a recent Survey of Public Participation in the Arts, a collaboration between the NEA and the Census Bureau.

11.7 percent of the U.S. adult population or about 28 million people read poetry in 2017, compared with 6.7 percent found during the last survey period in 2012.

Dramatic increases were noted in general but most pronounced with young adults, women and minorities.

More results available here